When you need to create space within your commercial or industrial property for different departments, teams, purposes or processes you may find that partitioning forms the

We can design and install all types of partitioning or refurbish your existing structure and, if the space is being redesigned, we can modify and reformat the partitioning system to suit the needs of your business. If required, we can also strip out the current partitioning altogether to give you can idea of the space available and then rebuild to suit your layout.

We offer a complete range of partitioning:

Composite Partitioning
Composite partitioning is a cost-effective and versatile solution to creating office areas offering a simple and practical office divide. This type of partitioning can be demounted and relocated quickly and easily. Our range accommodates for all budgets.

Stud Partitioning
Stud partitioning is also highly versatile and can be fire and sound rated. Again demountable and re-locatable for use in both general office and light industrial areas. Solid partitions can be interspersed with glazed sections and blinds.

Fully Glazed Partitioning
This system provides an office divide that allows unhindered vision whilst still maintaining the privacy of individual offices and meeting rooms. The glazing can incorporate a company logo or a vinyl manifestation.

Wooden Partitioning
This system is ideal for the use in boardrooms and executive areas and can also afford a practical and durable solution for general office areas which combines visual appeal and the luxurious finish of natural wood. Available in single and double glazed formats.

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